Sunday, February 26, 2012

scrapbooking expo Feb 2012

Friend Chris and I got up early Saturday and headed to a scrapbooking expo in Kalamazoo but had a small problem before getting out of the driveway. Chris had started her car to move it so we could take the van and she accidentally locked her car door, so we had to wait for the towing service to unlock her door. We left 45 minutes later than planned but made it to the expo at opening. woohoo! We had a great time and purchased lots of new goodies!


z1queenie said...

Not my best side. LOL. The lessons learned were that big butts can shut car doors, the tow truck guy was much closer to home than the locksmith, and I was so happy the door was open he almost got a big hug. LOL. So off we went. Good friends, good fun, excellent Chinese after.

woodenstamp said...

I am still giving the butt a benefit of doubt. LOL. Great time! More moments to scrap!

Lucy said...

Oh that's so funny! Thankfully, I haven't done that....yet!!! LOL. Glad you guys had an excellent time. I will hopefully join you next year :-)